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3 min readFeb 22, 2021
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A Company has reached out to your (your team) to create a solution to aid their user’s order food online.

Using the design thinking approach, walk me through how you intend to create the solution.

In lieu of my internship with SideHustle, I have been asked by my tutor — Folorunso Jeremiah during the course of the topic — “Design Thinking” to provide a solution to the above task. Below is my attempt at solving the given task.

In a world and age driven by technology, majority of business owners like fast food restaurant owners employ the use of online services to aid their various famished but busy customers in ordering their savoury dishes.

I intend to use the five iterative stages of the design thinking approach — empathy, problem definition, ideation, prototyping and testing to create my solution to the problem faced by this company.

Empathy Stage

I would start out my quest for a solution by reaching out to the company’s customers and potential (or target) users of the solution to be designed, so as to know their needs — what they would want to work with. It is necessary that every designer starts their design by placing themselves in the user’s shoes. I intend to do these through the use of contextual interviews (offline/physical) and online surveys.

Problem Definition Stage

From the information gotten in the earlier stage of the design thinking approach, I would have been able to deduce the problem faced by the users and thereby be able to “define the problem.”

Ideation Stage

Now that I’ve been able to understand the users’ needs and identify the problem, I can start thinking of diverse ways to solve the problem. I would furthermore go ahead and begin to bring the ideas I have been able to conceive to reality by putting them into sketches so as to analyse them and their potential and also get reviews from the rest of the team.

Prototype of the solution

After evaluating the various ideas which I came up with, I would then proceed to bring this Frankenstein to life by first designing a Low-Fidelity prototype (Wireframes) of what the solution (whether web-based or a mobile application) and further develop them into High-Fidelity prototype that would have every feature and function properly animated so as to depict the full potential of the solution.

Testing the solution

After the High-Fidelity prototype of the solution has been built and has been properly animated to showcase its features and functions, we would conduct User Testing. In this part of the design approach, we (myself and the team) would ask potential users of the solution to perform certain tasks which would thereby indicate whether the solution is usable and suitable for the purpose for which it was designed and also to know if the users find it easy to navigate through it.

If after the entire test, problems are discovered with the solution’s usability or inability to solve the problem efficiently. The entire design thing approach would be restarted to provide users with a better solution. The design thinking approach is an iterative one that goes on and on till a suitable solution is designed.

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See you again soon with more simple solutions to your complex problems.